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Grand Courtyards of Shaanxi Province

In Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Jin merchants were well-known both in China and all over the world. The grand courtyards where several generations of great Jin merchants lived have become the typical representatives of the folk houses in north China. As many as ten architecture groups of folk houses such as grand courtyards of Qiao Family, Wang Family, Cao Family, Qu Family and Chang Family which were built in Ming and Qing Dynasties are well preserved in Shanxi province now. Additionally, Royal Prime Minister’s Palace in the southeast of Jin, the ancient city of Guoyu, the folkhouse of Liu Family—Puzhai, the old house of Ding village in south of Jin and the ancient county of Qikou in northwest of Jin also completely reflect the remarkable achievements of the folk houses in Shanxi province. Many buildings are built against the mountains and the wooden carving, stone carving, brick carving, couplets and inscribed board in the doors and windows demonstrate much humanism information and embody the aesthetic taste and artistic pursuit of people in different times.  


The history and culture of Shanxi province has abundant contents, profound roots, decent quality and distinctive characteristics. It has been developing for tens of thousands of years constantly, its advanced thoughts have been passed from one generation to another for several thousand years and its artistic spirit has spread tens of thousands of miles. The history and culture of Shanxi province is so powerful and inspiring that it is the crystallization of the excellent achievements of the traditional Chinese culture, the endless precious treasure granted by the ancestors and the source of power we still need to depend on.


 Chang’s Courtyard


 Qiao’s Courtyard


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